Human resource is the primary asset of any company. Realising the value employees add to a company, the Learning & Development sector is getting more organized now than a decade back. Mr. Lavleen Raheja understands well these changing perspectives in the country during the last decade. Being a Global Master Trainer with over 22 years in raining, Coaching and Mentoring, Lavleen has partnered with Franklin Covey, one of the most respected training companies in the world for a joint venture to start FranklinCovey in India as well as South Asia.

Mr. Lavleen Raheja

“I always had an independent view which was to strive to work on my own. Hence I decided to venture on my own and set up a business which lets people work interdependently with the highest levels of innovation” says Mr.Raheja.

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What should a candidate do if his appraisal does not meet his expectations?

The Candidate should not do the following things when his appraisal doesn’t meet his expectations:

  1. A candidate should not become reactive
  2. A candidate should not become aggressive
  3. A candidate should not feel depressed or elated
  4. A candidate should not blame the person or the system who appraised him
  5. A candidate should not form any biases or opinions either about the system or the person who appraised him / her.
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Negative appraisal: Surviving the tumble

Organisational commitment and job satisfaction often deteriorate when appraisal ratings fall short of individual expectations. Here’s how to handle a negative appraisal.


British author Samuel Butler once said,

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fide falls in the rough and tumble of the world.” This ought to be the message for those of you who may have received their appraisal letters or are waiting for one.

According to experts, people should have reasonable expectations and not hope for double-digit salary hikes this year. This is because the average hike is not expected to be more than 7% to 8% across sectors, except perhaps pharma, which is the only sector that is doling out double digit salary increases this year. (Also read: Appraisal shocker)

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Freedom to choose a preferred training programme:

A number of IT, telecom and BFSI organisations assist their employees by giving them the freedom to choose a training programme. These training programmes prepare

employees to effectively manage goals, innovate and work towards more effective decision-making;

Freedom to innovate:

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Organisations in the automobile manufacturing, electrical and home appliances sectors today are facing major financial setbacks as employees can't push the envelope when it comes to research, innovation and development. These companies would make significant gains, by

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providing employees some latitude to define their goals and decisions and make the environment conducive to new and industry-relevant ideas.

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What do employees generally expect from appraisals? How do you see the expectations changing in times ahead?

Mr. Lavleen RahejaEmployees usually expect increase in salary/position and responsibility. In the days to come I see certain employees expecting part of the profit share , some would look at value add to their roles , some would want companies investing in their future development holistically like nomination for executive learning programs , PG courses etc a best institutes and universities. I also see variable very high performance based pay structure being agreed and expected too.

Are appraisals only about salary? What other benefits/perks help win over employee confidence?

No, appraisals are

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not only about salaries. Share in profits , share in ownership , long term loyalty bonuses , value additions on health , education of self and family, spiritual alignment are the other important factors which can help the organisations win over employee confidence.

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